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Sperry Chalet is on the West Side of Glacier National Park. The main trail beginning at Lake McDonald Lodge.

You will find the chalet on the west side of Gunsight mountain. Situated on an alpine ledge overlooking Lake McDonald and the Whitefish Range. Surrounded by craggy peaks, cascading waterfalls and up and down vistas it is an area full of alpine nooks and crannies waiting to be explored by those who like to relax and enjoy "away from it all".

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Trail Caveats:

Map of trails to Sperry Chalet

Trail Elevations (in feet):
Sperry Chalet: 6580
Lake McDonald trailhead: 3214.
Comeau Pass: 7970
Lincoln Pass: 7040
Gunsight Pass: 6946
Jackson Glacier Overlook: 5252

The Sperry Trail

TRAILHEAD: Lake McDonald Lodge.
LENGTH: 6.7 miles, 3300 foot climb.

The main trail to Sperry Chalet starts in the beautiful cedar and hemlock forests of McDonald valley and the trail climbs to where the chalet sits near tree line. Be ready to break a sweat, the hike is strenuous and nearly entirely uphill, but any reasonably fit person can complete it feeling a good sense of accomplishment. Observe the effects of the 2017 Sprague fire through most of the hike with new growth, ample wildflowers, and a forest reborn.

There are spur trails that go to Mt Brown Lookout, Snyder Lakes, and Fish Lake about a third of the way up. Be sure to read the signs and stay on the correct path.


Gunsight Pass Trail

TRAILHEAD: Jackson Glacier Overlook on Going-to-the-Sun Road.
LENGTH: 13.5 miles. Multiple climbs totaling 3300 feet.

Lake Ellen Wilson

For the advanced and ambitious hiker, this all day adventure will take you through forest walks, alpine climbs, beautiful lakes, streams, cascading waterfalls, and across the continental divide. This is not a good hike for beginning hikers or the out of shape, but if you are up for it you will be rewarded with a wide variety of Glacier National Parks spectacular scenery and vistas.

Gunsight Pass typically remains snow covered until late July. The east side of the pass has very dangerous exposure (steep snow fields that run off cliffs) making a simple slip on the snow very perilous. Please check trail conditions before you get started. Ice axes, well-practiced self-arrest skills, and experienced hiking partners are strongly recommended if you want to take this trail earlier than mid-July. The Park Service posts updates about trail status here.


Sperry Glacier Trail

Comeau Pass

TRAILHEAD: Sperry Chalet
LENGTH: 4 miles (one way). 1500 Foot climb.
AVERAGE HIKE TIME: 3 Hours (one way).

Sperry Chalet's most popular side trip, this has been described as one of the most memorable and magnificent hikes in the park. Starting from Sperry Chalet you will climb above tree line and hike past gorgeous waterfalls, lakes and streams. The stone stairway at Comeau Pass will take you to even more breathtaking vistas. Don't stop there; you can't see Sperry Glacier yet. Follow the stone cairns another 3/4 mile to the glacier overlook.


Horse Rides to Sperry Chalet

Depending on where you like your blisters, horseback rides to Sperry Chalet are also available.

Swan Mountain Outfitters

Swan Mountain Outfitters provide daily horseback rides to Sperry Chalet. Their services are available for both overnight guests and day riders. The corral is near the trailhead at Lake McDonald Lodge.